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 Carm Grasso:  Guitarist, Composer and Recording Artist

Carm Grasso is a US-based guitarist, composer and recording artist whose work has been featured on multiple independent releases, played on numerous media outlets and commissioned for use on radio and more.

Carm has always been tuned into the world and language of music.  His earliest memories include listening to his father’s eclectic collection of Italian music; from traditional pieces to rock.  Carm recalls melodies lingering in his mind prompting him to improvise and create.  Family members have shared photos of him holding instruments such as the guitar and piano; demonstrating his desire to be surrounded by music and having the outlet to express his musicality. 


Often times, we speak about knowing our purpose and identifying with our biggest desire in life.  Carm has always known his passion for music is absolute and runs deep. Music energizes him and everything about it, from listening, to creating and performing, is a major part of who Carm Grasso is and what he wants to share with the world.

Please be sure to check out Carm's playing, writing and musicianship on both his solo releases and with other independent artists such as Fear of Flying and Tearle Ashby.


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